Case study

Love stories portfolio

2023 April - June

In collaboration with: Johanna Rademacher (Design)

Webflow Development
Special Features Development
Web Design
Lovely wedding couple photo from Michelle Fiedler, girl behind the lense of weddingsandotherstories

Background & The CHallenge

I was approached by Johanna Rademacher, a former colleague who rediscovered me through a freelancing portal. She asked if I could finalise the portfolio of wedding photographer Michelle Fiedler. The website had been developed by another person, but it needed refinement and overall adjustments. However, the finished website at the time didn't accurately represent the stunning design that Johanna has created, which left me eager to recreate it precisely as depicted in the mockups.

The process

I have started with resolving issues with the navigation bar and adjusting the margins and paddings throughout the entire website. Following that, I focused on enhancing the scrolling animation to ensure smoother transitions for the elements. I then proceeded with other refinements, including a redesigned Instagram posts block accompanied by custom icons and a captivating zoom-in effect, which particularly delighted the client.

First font preview used for weddingsandotherstories project
Second font preview used for weddingsandotherstories project
blurred light blue and green background
weddingsandotherstories project preview on desktop and mobile
Compilation of various weddingsandotherstories portfolio screenshots

Dynamic image gallery powered by Webflow CMS

A solution for dynamically displaying image galleries was needed, that it would support varying proportions of portrait and horizontal images, nonetheless - unique for each gallery. I thought of an idea of using a master image grid, consisting of 21 images and I have created it with Webflow CMS. By employing a clear naming convention, each field was identified by its row number and indicated the space it occupied - full width, half, two-thirds, or one-third. This approach allowed to effortlessly upload photos into the corresponding fields, leaving unnecessary fields empty. As a result, the galleries were beautifully showcased in unique arrangements.

Hear whatclient says

weddingsandotherstories logo in white
Jul 2023

Michelle Fiedler

Photographer and owner of weddingsandotherstories

Ruta has done a wonderful job finalising my website according to a provided custom design and I am more than happy with the result. By thinking outside the box, always trying to get the best result for me as a customer, she has not only met but exceeded all my expectations. Her keen eye for detail and her clear communication impressed me the most. I have and will get in touch with her any time I am in need of someone who can help me with my website. Thank you Ruta!

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