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Carpentry company portfolio

Makers + Maestros
2021 November - 2022 February

In collaboration with: Sao Dsgn (Design), Marion Müller (Content), Blackcurtain Media (Video)

Webflow Development
Web Design
Makers + Maestros architect designs a project with a pencil, shot from close-up


Sophie Overwien aka Sao Dsgn reached out to me and asked if I am interested in developing a website for general contractor Makers + Maestros. Creating the design would be her responsibility and I had to translate the design into a website with my favorite Website building tool called Webflow. The answer was - absolutely yes!

The process

Our collaboration began in November 2021. Sophie decided to go for bold, sharp and very clean design. It was reached by combining white space, full and half width containers. We were working hand in hand, as soon as one prototype page was ready, I developed that page with Webflow. At the same time Marion Müller was taking care of content writing and Steffen Heise from Blackcurtain Media was taking care of promo video shooting and editing.

First font preview used for Makers + Maestros portfolio project
Second font preview used for Makers + Maestros portfolio project
Third font preview used for Makers + Maestros portfolio project
blurred light blue and green background
Makers + Maestros project preview on desktop and mobile
Compilation of various Makers + Maestros portfolio screenshots

The extra mile

Not only that I have flawlessly translated desktop prototypes (done by Sophie, with Adobe XD) into actual pages of the website, including animations, I also took care of mobile design. Sophie was providing me only the desktop design, so I had the freedom to decide how elements behave on mobile independently.

Hear whatclient says

Makers + Maestros logo in white
Feb 2022

Sophie Overwien

Freelance Graphic Designer & Art Director

I worked with Ruta on this project and created the website for Makers + Maestros GmbH. She was always able to implement what I had envisioned in the prototyping and design. If something was not possible, she directly had a solution for the problem and thus simplified the process. At all times Ruta was reliable and always solution-oriented in the collaboration. She has an exceptional feel for the client and has an eye for the visual as well! Ruta supported me perfectly in this project. A great collaboration. I hope we work together again soon!

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