Case study

Construction company portfolio

Stephan Venc
2024 January - February

In collaboration with: Kirch und Kriewald GbR (Branding, UI/UX Design, Consulting)

Stephan Venc photo credits © MDK MEDIADESIGN
Webflow Development
Content Management
Web Design
Project image and photo of a house expansion by the Stephan Venc company


The designer and co-owner of Kirch & Kriewald, Tobias Kirch, approached me with a project proposal. The task was to translate his designs into a Webflow site after successfully rebranding Stephan Venc, a construction company with a history dating back to 1948, spanning three family generations in Olpe, Germany. I was thrilled about our collaboration, especially since it involved my favourite work task.

The process

After Toby provided the XD file, along with all necessary materials (images, icons, meta descriptions, page titles, and open graph images), I thoroughly examined the design. I then created a detailed overview on how to structure the headings and identified reusable elements to establish a clear CSS class naming convention. The next steps involved creating a global heading styles and color guidelines page. After thorough testing of the guidelines page for responsiveness, I began building the homepage, followed by the development of the remaining pages. It's worth noting that I created the mobile design since only the desktop design was provided.

Regular font example for Stephan Venc project
Bold font example for Stephan Venc project
blurred light blue and green background
Stephan Venc website screenshots of desktop and mobile from damruta, Webflow designer
Screenshots of projects and content animations, done by damruta for Stephan Venc client

Content animations and Webflow CMS

I was free to create website animations and element behaviour on hover. I configured content scroll-into-view animation exclusively on text elements, avoiding its use on images to maintain a subtle visual experience. Additionally, I incorporated a number counter on the "About us" page, introducing a dynamic element to showcase company facts. Furthermore, I configured company's projects as CMS, followed by clear Webflow CMS fields convention, allowing easy content management for the client.

Hear whatclient says

Kirch und Kriewald, web and branding agency in Cologne, logo in white
Feb 2024

Toby Kirch

Designer and co-owner of Kirch und Kriewald GbR

We were very happy to work with Ruta on our webflow project for our customer Stephan Venc. As a webflow agency with high standards for the development of our projects, we were very satisfied with Ruta's skills and way of working. Ruta worked fast and efficient. I also appreciated the open and friendly communication during the collaboration. This was certainly not the last project we worked on together and we can definitely recommend Ruta for your next project.

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