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Device pricing table development for Lithuanian phone repair shop

2021 June
Special Features Development
Web Design
Phone repair specialist is fixing a phone

Background & The CHallenge

Ttaisykla can repair every electronic device and its model that is out there. I have got a task to organise services that Ttaisykla was providing for each device manufacturer and it’s model. To understand the scale, over 1000 device model repair prices, 20 services that the shop provides needed to be shown on the website in a visually pleasing way. I needed to find a nice solution for the user to find the price and for the people who work at the repair shop: to update the prices and add new models.

The process

I figured that the best approach would be to have device prices synchronised with Google Sheets directly to WordPress site. A sheet was created per device type (phone, tablet, smartwatch...) and per manufacturer (iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi...).So X axis contains all the device models and Y axis has all the services. This way of updating prices became a no time consuming and pleasant experience! I wrote the HTML for each device brand type which later I inserted in dedicated WordPress page. The table is beautifully responsive on all devices.

blurred light blue and green background
Device pricing table of Ttaisykla preview on desktop and mobile
Compilation of various Ttaisykla portfolio screenshots

Header Navigation & Footer Redesign

After creating the pricing table and reorganising the links structure, the header navigation and footer needed to be restructured as well. Also, the design for these elements, that the WordPress theme was providing, was not sufficient. So I jumped in and took care of rebuilding beautiful header navigation and footer and ensured that responsiveness is on point.

Hear whatclient says

Ttaisykla logo in white
Jun 2021

Dovile Berlinskaite

Project manager at Ttaisykla

Ruta started working on Ttaisykla project straight after we contacted her. She quickly came up with an unconventional way to display large amount of information. Not only she explained how to get involved in the process (create and update google sheets, etc.), she as well left a great documentation after the project was completed. The pricing table created by Ruta allowed visitors to find the necessary prices effortlessly, design turned out very pleasing and certainly improved website’s user experience.

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