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Freelance dancer portfolio

Anna Kempin
2020 April - May
Webflow Development
Web Design
Mockups Creation
Anna Kempin, freelance dancer based in Freiburg is dancing, black and white photo


Anna Kempin is a passionate, out of this world contemporary freelance dancer based in Freiburg. During Corona times, Anna was having dark thoughts, because of not being able to perform. But as soon as she started searching for images and videos for me to work with, her eyes and mind were lighting up again. The trust in herself was coming back, she remembered who she is and what she has achieved; and even she can’t perform right now, she will find a way.

The process

Before creating the website I have tried to answer questions like: who is a contemporary dancer in general, what kind of colours, feelings and shapes are associated with Anna, what information should be displayed in order to get to know and present her. Anna told me that when she rehearses and performs, the stage is mostly located in a completely dark room. So by choosing dark color theme I tried to bring the feeling of watching Anna on stage.

First font preview used for Anna Kempin portfolio project
Second font preview used for Anna Kempin portfolio project
blurred light blue and green background
Anna Kempin portfolio project preview on desktop and mobile
Screenshot complication of various examples of beautiful typography from portfolio of Anna Kempin

Outstanding responsiveness

The most challenging and time consuming part was taking care of the vertical texts responsiveness on the homepage. I spent countless hours to ensure that the texts are not overlaping with images of Anna and that at the same time the texts are embodying the movements displayed in the images.

Hear whatclient says

Anna Kempin logo in white
Jun 2020

Anna Kempin

Freelance dancer and choreographer

The talented Ruta did amazing work and put her beautiful creative energies, expertise and curiosity into creating my portfolio. Such an amazing journey on a professional but also on a friendship level! Thank you so much, I could never imagine myself doing this crazy complex work! If you are looking for a great, easy to work with and committed webdesigner - it‘s Ruta!

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