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Microsites template redesign for Ford of Europe

GTB Germany / Makerhouse
2020 October - 2021 May
Web Design
Special Features Development
Mockups Creation
Green car in a dark garage standing sideways


Ford of Europe is constantly updating and creating new car lines. Journalists always need to be updated with the latest information. That’s where the microsites - small informational websites - containing press releases, images and videos is a necessity. As soon as I started working for GTB Germany GmbH and saw the template, I immediately thought that it could be redesigned. The idea to redesign the template was already in the making, but as soon as I joined, it gained momentum.

The process

The team of this project consisted of 2 people: a developer who created that template and developed the content system management behind it; and a passionate and ready to change the world web designer, which is me. Our plan was not only to entirely redesign the template, but as well as improve the functionality. Bootstrap was removed from all the HTML elements and CSS flex and grid was introduced to ensure clean and beautiful element alignment throughout the template. Another imporant part of the project was to rewrite and restructure the CSS in general. Which I succeeded in!

blurred light blue and green background
Ford microsite template redesign project preview on desktop and mobile
Compilation of various Ford microsite template redesign project screenshots

Responsive image grid

Previously, all the images, videos and press releases were displayed in a same list block style. The image thumbnail was relatively small, there were lots of additional information to next it. In my eyes, there was another, a better way to showcase images. I suggested to increase image size, the most important information show only on mouse hover and the rest of the information display in preview view. A new image class was introduced and when added, the image was expanding in the grid.

Hear whatclient says

GTB logo in white
Jun 2021

Sascha Hölterhoff

Lead Webdesign & Development at GTB Germany GmbH

We experienced Ruta as a cooperative and reliable team member, who understood to involve her expertise to the given tasks with a high level of engagement and diligence. She owns strong communication skills and gave her best to support daily routines as well as special tasks with passion. Thanks and good Luck for your future, Ruta!

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