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Mockups creation for MetaVerse landing page

2022 December - 2023 January
Mockups Creation
Web Design
Project Management
A man is playing VR games

Background & The CHallenge

Leading the MetaVerse topic on behalf of E.ON (one of Europe's most prominent energy network and infrastructure operators), Adam Sperry was searching for someone to redesign the landing page for MetaVerse - a platform that includes VR as one of its features and serves as a hub for the innovation tools of the company. Initially, we agreed on keeping the E.ON's style guidelines, however, upon delivering the first version of the mockup, we both acknowledged that sticking to the guidelines might not adequately convey the theme of MetaVerse.

The process

As a result, we jointly decided to only partially follow the guidelines, utilising solely the E.ON font and a few colours from the color palette. Additionally, it was important to maintain some level of restraint in the design since the mockup had to be built with AEM, reusing previously developed content blocks by the company. To better convey the MetaVerse concept, I decided to utilise E.ON's dark green and blueish hues from their color palette as they better align with the theme.

blurred light blue and green background
Desktop mockup preview for E.ON Metaverse project
Compilation of E.ON Metaverse project mockups

Key page components

The events section was the focal point of the landing page, with enhanced prominence for users to quickly access the next featured event and view past events. Furthermore, I simplified the accessibility of E.ON's other innovation tools and added brief descriptions to each of them. Additionally, I designed a table that demonstrates why the MetaVerse experience is more immersive than a 2D experience. After a few minor adjustments Adam was thrilled with the outcome!

Hear whatclient says

E.ON logo in white
May 2023

Adam Sperry

Head of Portfolio & Performance, Strategy & Innovation at E.ON

Ruta asked me what I wanted and she nailed it! Taking a bland, basic looking web page and transforming it into a stylish, modern design befitting of the MetaVerse topic. Ruta was diligent in all that she did, making sure that she understood the requirements despite them evolving throughout the process. A really great job and I will definitely be asking Ruta to work on future projects!

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