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Promo offers and landing pages configuration for fashion company

2021 September - 2022 May
Web Design
Content Management
Project Management
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s.Oliver is a German fashion company that sells apparel, shoes, accessories, jewellery, fragrances and eyewear worldwide. My journey as a freelancer at this company began pretty shortly after the call at the end of September 2021, after 6 days to be exact I already started my on-boarding in Rottendorf. I quickly learnt that the working environment is very time controlled, the job requires not only to flawlessly take care of the updates, but as well as being a good project manager in order to deliver the result on time.

The process

The website is divided into 3 main categories - Women, Men and Junior and is available in 13 languages. Every week new trends, styles and clothing items are being promoted for each of these main categories, in every language. The main responsibility of my work is to take care of the homepages content, according to the briefings provided by the marketing team. Another important task of my work was to design banners and landing pages according to s.Oliver website's style guidelines.

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s.Oliver special promotion preview on desktop and mobile
Compilation of various s.Oliver special promotion screenshots

Promotions preparation

Important task of my work was taking care of promotion offers. Mostly every week special promotions go online, for example: Winter sale, Christmas shopping, Black Friday, Valentines day, etc. For these promotion offers usually a promotion bar needs to be configured, as well as the supporting homepage slider slide.

Hear whatclient says

s.Oliver logo in white
Mar 2023

Daniel Sticht

Specialist CMS (Content Management) at s.Oliver

Ruta joined the content management team at s.Oliver at the end of September 2021. Her daily tasks involve the creation or updates of different content assets like homepage, landing pages or promotions which are maintained in HTML and CSS. The tasks are handled by her independently and undoubtedly well. She learnt to cope with the tasks very quickly and delivered them on time. Ruta is a team player, her connection with other departments - category and channel management - is superb.

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