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Supporting Iran: solidarity collection

Baraye Charity
2023 February - June
Samira Kreuels is demonstrating Baraye Charity bag


Second Floor Design shared with me the concept of their new project, aimed at drawing attention to the revolution in Iran, the oppression of women, and the violation of their rights. Samira, Sophie, Steffi, and Clarissa envisioned crafting an urban clothing collection, which would serve as a powerful statement of solidarity, with profit directed to the charitable organisation In search of a platform to sell their garments, they approached me to be part of their endeavour, and I eagerly accepted the opportunity.

The process

The girls had a well-defined vision, including the graphics to be used, material selections, and printing methods. They had designed a logo, finalised the color palette, and carefully selected premium 100% organic cotton T-shirts from Portugal for their collection. The screen printing method was their chosen technique, which Rebel Rockers have realised. Meanwhile, I took the responsibility for setting up the shop. WordPress Theme was chosen and I dived into the configuration process. I optimised the site by removing redundant pages and content blocks, inserted content and images, and integrated essential e-commerce features.

blurred light blue and green background
Baraye Charity project preview on desktop and mobile
Compilation of Baraye Charity shop screenshots


The most challenging aspect was the incorporation of e-commerce functionality. This marked my initial experience with WordPress in this capacity, requiring a comprehensive understanding of various plugins and their setup. I integrated DHL account for automated label generation, configured shipping costs, tax structures, invoicing processes, what emails the customer is receiving and managed the list of countries where our products were available. Subsequently, I provided comprehensive training to the team on order management.

Hear whatclient says

Second Floor Design logo in white
Sep 2023

Second Floor Design

Brand Design Studio - Second Floor Design - based in Düsseldorf

To us Ruta is the perfect web partner. She has excellent programming skills, combined with a very good eye for detail and a deep design understanding. Ruta is easy to work with, she always let us know about the tiny hidden things in the backend, which are essential for a strong web presence. For this project we’ve been especially grateful to have Ruta on board, because she dedicated her work without us having any budget on our hands, since it's a charity project.

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