My inspiration isfuelled by the worldaround me.

My inspiration is fuelled by the world around me.

damruta - Ruta Dambrauskaite - freelance Webflow designer, who offers custom design websites creation
Hello, it's me, Ruta!
I'm Ruta Dambrauskaite (tough surname, I know!), a Lithuanian webdesigner, based in Cologne, Germany. I've got a bachelor's degree in Publishing from Vilnius University, and my journey includes internships, full-time roles, and gaining valuable experience at companies like "BlumenRiviera GmbH," "Ligatus GmbH," "Outbrain", then “GTB Germany GmbH”. Rocking the freelance world from summer 2021.
Exploring museums unveils mesmerising color palettes, and my travels introduce me to the captivating details of cafes, streets, and storefronts and I can't help but incorporate these elements into my designs. By merging my expertise in web design, industry best practices, and the emotional connection I establish with your product, I will craft a truly one-of-a-kind website design just for you.
Oh and by the way I speak 4 languages: English, German, Spanish and Lithuanian.
I am interested in hiking, biking, watching crime shows, listening to metal, spending time with friends and with my cat Sushi.

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